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What is Dixy Friend ?

Dixy Friend is a NFT project to sensibilize about Men's Health

Dixy Friend is a collection of 10,000 unique, awesome and funny NFTs.

The new WEB 3.0 that is booming now could lead us to innovative way to make humanity better.

For this project : we want to sensibilize people about men's health.

Our art is more than pixels on blockchain : for each pre-saled Dixy Friend, we will send 20% (20 MATICs) to Movember.com .

Mint for a Real Change

Men’s health is in crisis

Men are dying on average 5 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons.

510 000

suicides arroud the world each year

4 out of 5

In the USA, 4 out of 5 suicides are men

10.8 Millions

prostate's cancers globally


We choose to give
20% of our pre-sales
to Movember.com

Mint & Make NFT Better

Why Movember ?
Movember is global

Its goal is to
"change the face of men's health."
That's why we choosed to contribute.

+ 1200 Projects

Movember fund more than 1200 projects about men's heath, suicides prevention and prostate's cancers

Mo Bro's Community

The Mo Bro's community is unified by internet, this is the way to make great things in our digitalizing world.

Another Ryuzaki Nashigami's Project

Our Creative Team




We transform idea in art which can impact our reality.




We launch Art on the new decentralized internet.



Rookies Team

Social Network is our playground, we are where you are.

Art is Art. Money is Money. NFT is NFT.

Ryuzaki's Paradigm

A new paradigm is booming

10 000 Dixy Friends For Charity 3.0

Creativity for charity

Due to possible massive income generated by NFTs, the team thought that it would be great to make a donation to an important cause. Furthermore, we hope this try to connect NFT and Charity will be a common thing in the future. This is our leitmotif.

Mint your Dixy Friend
Time is NFT

Our Roadmap

October '21

- Launch of our social networks
- Launch of our Airdrop

November '21

- Initiate our campaign for Movember
- Fininalize our Airdrop

Winter '21-'22

- Pre-sale will end
- Transfert funds to Movember.com

Do you need more informations ?

Contact The Dixi Team on

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